The NEW UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER is a very affordable way to achieve typical ringflash lighting quality normally only available to studio flash equipment users


The UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER will expand your photographic horizons, simplify many aspects of your work, give great results from the first time that you use it and makes your images look truly professional!


There are almost no restrictions to using any DSLR brands, it works with all DSLR cameras and flash units. To identify which of the two RayFLash Universal models you need, please refer to the compatibility list on our website or those of our distributors.


The UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER was designed as a portable and lightweight ringflash solution for any hot-shoe flash unit (speedlite), the RAY FLASH replicates the unique lighting effect produced by heavy, tethered, high-powered and very expensive studio ringflash units.


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Because the UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER light originates from a circle around the camera lens, the RAY FLASH creates a distinctive lighting effect, producing a virtually shadowless look on the front of the subject, while leaving a soft, even shadow around the edges which are only visible when the sunbject is close to a light coloured background. It creates a very special lighting effect: a "3-d shadow-wrapped look", making it well suited for Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Press, PR, Events and macro photography, as a main or fill-in light.




The UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER relies on the hot-shoe flash (speedlite) to generate its light and automatically takes advantage of a camera’s TTL metering capabilities. The adapter easily slides over the front of a camera’s flash unit and locks into place for easy, secure use. It contains no electronics, batteries or flash tubes and does not require any cumbersome cables.


The UNIVERSAL RINGFLASH ADAPTER does not change the colour temperature of the flash that powers it and the additional weight can easily be accommodated by the on-camera flash unit.

Exposure control: DSLR cameras with TTL functions operate as usual, as well as manual mode. In MANUAL control of the exposure is by use of a light meter or through test-shots on a digital camera.

Light output: The RAY FLASH RING is very efficient and the loss of light is surprisingly low.



RayFlash O-Ring Flash Head Position Lock:   Flash head joints (i.e. the neck that allows movement in the upper part of the flash unit/speedlite)  vary slightly in the angle of their orientation relative to your camera’s body. If your flash head sags down slightly when fitted with the Ray Flash, fit the enclosed  black, rubber O-Ring into the joint until the Ray Flash is parallel with the camera body and the face of the lens. These O-Rings have Four different thickness sections to suit any flash unit. 


How to choose the right type

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